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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites is Shaking Off The Dust

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Sugar Bowl - Georgia v Baylor
The Redcoats Are Coming!

Good Morning Bulldog Nation! Welcome to Tuesday. I’m back at blogging duties & dusting off some old files to see if I remember how this thing works. Thankfully, MaconDawg doesn’t require APA 6th edition format like my Elementary Statistics Professor.

It appears our incredibly long off-season nightmare is finally over (no, I didn’t mean the virus which shall not be named), and the Bulldogs are expected to take the field in less than 30 days! Granted our first game will be in Fayetteville, Arkansas but it’s still By God Georgia Bulldog Football!

Now on to the news of the day….

Student tickets, COVID-19 Protocols & Tailgaiting plans are the featured story this week over at the Red & Black.

The Athens Banner-Herald has a feel good story about superfan Frank Pittman that makes me think of a Lewis Grizzard story. (Housemother’s Note: You can skip every other link in this article, but don’t skip this one. It’ll make you feel better about everything. I promise.)

They’re also noting there will be that mean machine in red & black, The Redcoats in the stands for home games even if they aren’t able to perform on the field..

The Macon Telegraph is talking about Dominick Blaylock’s season-ending injury and who will fill the spot he leaves open.

UGA Wire notes Kirby & Co are the first to make an offer to Trey Hill’s cousin Antwann Hill Jr, currently in the 8th grade at Mossy Creek Middle School (2025 Class) in Kathleen, GA. Unlike Trey, Antwann is presently playing quarterback. He’s already taller than I am by nearly a foot at what 13 years old? Plenty of time to grow. Trey is currently listed at 6’ 4” and 330 lbs. Of course I’m always happy to see my HoCo boys get some love.

The Athletic (pay site) has a couple of great stories for you today. First up, they polled seven college football writers for a preseason Top 4 and your Georgia Bulldogs were selected by all but 2 of their writers. Andy Staples picked us to win it all. For reference 3 writers chose Clemson, 3 chose Bama.

Jeff Shultz makes clear there should be no asterisk on a national championship this season. His main point, 10 of the last 14 have been won by the SEC, 3 by the ACC and only 1 by Ohio State, thus the picture doesn’t change much by not having the Big 10.

I picked up The Athletic subscription for Seth Emerson’s writing. It’s worth it to me but your mileage may vary.

That’s all I’ve got for now, y’all mind your manners & play pretty.

Until next time….