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Introducing “The Battle Hymnal” - A New Video Product From Our Friends At Chapel Bell Curve

Over the last couple of years many of you have followed The Chapel Bell Curve podcast for a stats focused look on Georgia Football. As of today, there is a new Chapel Bell Curve product for you to consume. Chapel Bell Curve founders Justin Bray and Nathan Lawerence have partnered with Graham Coffey and Josh Hancher to create a video show called “The Battle Hymnal.” If you’ve been around DawgSports for a bit, you’ve probably seen some of Nathan and Graham’s (aka DawgOutWest) work on advanced stats.

The Battle Hymnal will come in video format, but you will likely hear segments of it embedded into The Chapel Bell Curve podcast from time to time. We will continue our work with advanced stats on The Battle Hymnal, but we will also cover the experience of being a Georgia Football fan in the age of Covid-19 and dive into some of the schematics and play design that make Georgia work, or not work, in 2020. Obviously we are as unsure of how this season will look as you are, but we will be making content this fall either way.

Follow the show on Twitter @ChapelBellCurve to see when we go live, and follow the hosts for their thoughts as the season unfolds. The first episode of The Battle Hymnal aired this morning. You can watch it anytime you want on Periscope by clicking on the link below.

We hope we’ll see y’all all fall, and as always, Go Dawgs.