Thoughts on Home Games this 2020 Season

I put in my request last week for UGA football season tickets under the new schedule and conditions. If I can go to one home game, at this point I will be satisfied, all things considered. It was a bit of a challenge figuring out exactly how this was going to work. I knew I stood almost zero chance of getting Auburn tickets, not much of a chance for Tennessee, a better chance for Miss St and have no interest, given my less than positive thoughts on the likely early December conditions (weather, importance of the game, etc), in the Vandy game. I may regret bypassing Vandy, though, if I whiff on the other two games (UT or MSU).

If I get the required 4 ticket package for either game (UT or MSU), what will it actually be like to be there in person at Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium this season? With so many things eliminated/severely altered, so few fans in the seats, almost no visitors, and not to mention the virus likely hanging over us still, how will it feel? I mean 20,000 + or - isn't even close to previous G-Day game attendance. That said, it's exciting that we at least have a chance to see the Dawgs in person and have an actual season!

So, who among you took the plunge and applied for tickets, who punted to next season, and what are your thoughts about the ticket process, expected conditions in the stadium, the game day environment and what this might feel like, when/if the games are actually played with our Dawgs on the field?

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