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Kickin’ It Off: Your Central Arkansas/Austin Peay Open Thread

NCAA Football: Austin Peay at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, this isn’t the way we drew it up. “Week zero” in college football was supposed to feature a handful of intriguing games. It was going to be a carefree celebration of the beginning of the most wonderful season of the year. There was going to be tailgating. We were probably going to shut things down with a nightcap and some early morning PAC-12 shenanigans. It was going to be awesome.

But then, well, you know what happened.

And here we are, with a lone college football telecast on the first Saturday of the season. Central Arkansas and Austin Peay, a pair of solidly above average FCS programs, will be playing at 9:00 pm eastern on ESPN live from a stadium in Birmingham, Alabama. And we’ll likely watch every dang snap.

Because the fact that college football is being played at all is a minor miracle. In April and May it seemed possible that this day wouldn’t happen at all. In July and August as case counts rose across the southeast and Midwest things again seemed tenuous. But at this point it’s clear that for at least awhile some sort of college football is happening, and I for one am soaking up every single second while I can.

I hope you’ll do the same. So crack open a beverage of your choice, enjoy a late night snack, and talk some smack about Auburn fans if you want. We’re doing this. We are watching college football, which like pizza is still pretty good even when it’s bad.

We’re here, and we’re glad you’re here with us. Whether you’re rooting for the Governors or the Bears, you’re welcome here. And as always...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!