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Friday ‘Dawg Bites: Sam Pittman Will Show You His If You Show Him Yours.

NCAA Football: Florida at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Bulldog fans!

You’ve made it through another week, which frankly means more than it used to. 2020: the sports video game that forgot to install “rookie” mode.

Speaking of rookies, Kirby Smart apparently liked what he’s seen so far from new assistants Matt Luke and Scott Cochran enough to extend their respective contracts before either has coached a game inside Sanford Stadium. That’s a pretty powerful message, and something I can’t even fathom occurring under the watchful eye of Damon Evans. Remember when Georgia’s chiseling on coaching salaries was a minor running joke in the SEC? I do too, but at least it’s getting tougher to do so.

Speaking of former Bulldog assistants, new Arkansas Head ‘Hawg Sam Pittman guested on the Paul Finebaum Show yesterday and politely declined to name a starting quarterback for the Razorbacks’ season opener until Kirby Smart announces who’ll line up for Georgia.

Let me help you. It’s Feleipe Franks. It was always Feleipe Franks. But Pittman is an astute observer of the human condition and he knows Razorback fans will enjoy him poking his former boss with a relatively blunt stick. Give them this one, ‘Dawg fans. Because four weeks from tomorrow they’re going to trot out Feleipe Franks at quarterback against quite possibly the best defense in the SEC. This may be the Pitt Boss’s last win until 2021.

Georgia picked up a win on the recruiting trail this week with the commitment of Lackawanna Community College defensive back De’Jahn “Nugget” Warren. Patrick Garvin at caught up with his current head coach to find out what makes the nation’s top JUCO defensive back so special.

One of the most exciting pickups in Georgia’s 2020 class was Florida defensive tackle Jalen Carter. We’ve been excited about Carter in these parts for some time now. And while it’s only one practice rep, it looks like he’s giving coaches reason to be excited too.

Trey Hill is a grown man, an All-SEC candidate, and at least on this snap got stonewalled and pushed back by Carter, who may now be bigger than the 300 pounds at which he was listed on Signing Day. The look on Kirby’s face when he turns around at the end of that clip tells you what you need to know.

My God! A freshman! The sky’s truly the limit for the big guy.

Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!