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Dawg Bites also prefers the explosive

What can Monken’s offense do? We’ll soon find out

CUSA Championship - Southern Miss v Western Kentucky Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Georgia assistant coach on a Kirby Smart coaching staff speaking to the media is kind of like the albino tiger.

You don’t see it much, so when it happens, it’s well advised to pay attention.

That was the case in more ways than one Monday with newly minted offensive coordinator Todd Monken holding availability with Georgia’s press corps.

The fact that Georgia’s top offensive assistant was holding court with the media was reason enough to draw attention. Toss in the sky-high expectations that have been heaped on Monken’s shoulders ever since rumors of his hiring leaked out, and his thoughts and inklings contained plenty to digest.

Did we say explosive? We did now.

Monken’s gonna walk out for the first game with a sleeveless flannel vest and rip off a Larry The Cable Guy ‘Git R Done,’ isn’t he? All kidding asiide, Monken won them media session about as well as one can - by making it very apparent that he knows exactly why he was brought to The Classic City.

Of course, the burning question is this - what’s Monken’s philosophy and how will that be channeled onto the field to rebound an offense that was 61st nationally overall last season.

He lended some hints.

Offensive scheme aside, Monken also shared impressions of what he has seen from Georgia’s top offensive talents, albeit in a very limited time window.

D’Andre Swift has hit a setback with the Lions, missing some time with a leg injury.

Meanwhile in MIami, Solomon Kindley is making some big waves.

Missed Herschel’s RNC speech? View it in full here.

Perhaps a cautionary tale as athletic departments try and strike the balance between generating revenue and not chasing a segment of the fan base away. The Falcons PSL revenue is, well, not good.

NASCAR made the mistake of chasing the wrong audience and alienating its core fan base at the height of its popularity, and the sport partially for that reason has and may never recover. Hopefully, athletic department beancounters are taking note.

Oh, you thought this post was finished talking about being explosive?

Think again.

Go Dawgs!