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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

North Texas v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Good morning, ‘Dawg fans! It’s only 33 days until your Georgia Bulldogs kick off (knocks on wood, rubs rabbit foot) the 2020 college football season. Here’s what’s making news this morning:

The Red and Black check in at #4 in the initial AP poll, two spots behind Ohio State, which is ranked because, well, given that they aren’t playing this season there really is no good reason. The fact that the Buckeyes got 21 first place votes is an excellent reminder that hack Rust Belt sports writers are hack Sun Belt sports writers who don’t like grits or sweating.

As UGA continues practice for the upcoming season there continues to be a lot of talk around Todd Monken’s offense and players who may step into it. One name that continues to come up is that of freshman receiver Justin Robinson.

While not as highly ranked as the other receivers in Georgia’s freshman class, I expect Robinson to turn into a very productive player in Athens. Former Bulldog receiver Terrance Edwards, who trained Robinson in high school, was beating the drum for him even before he committed to the ‘Dawgs, which says something. Robinson has great size and body control and sneaky speed. He reminds me a lot of another former UGA standout, Michael Bennett, and I think of Robinson had played at Marietta or Valdosta instead of Eagle’s Landing Christian he’d have been a bigger name in recruiting circles.

Speaking of playmaking wide receivers Josh at Bulldawg Illustrated takes a look at returning explosiveness across the SEC and, well, let’s just say the Bulldogs aren’t at the top of the charts.

The good news is that George Pickens at least held his own as one of the most productive offensive weapons in the league last year, and arguably the most potent one who didn’t have Tua or Joe Burreaux throwing to him.

Finally, today’s words of wisdom. If you’re like most of us, you’re going to do something dumb today. Put salt in your coffee. Maybe cc the whole company on a private email. But whatever you do, it won’t be as bad as publicly disseminating this artistic masterpiece.

Go Vawls, or something. But really...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!