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Sunday Dawg Bites Thinks Erk Could Have Cured COVID-19

Fact: Erk would have motivated all of us to beat COVID-19

University Of Georgia Bulldogs Football

We keep a close eye on NFL Dawgs once they leave Athens, which is why it was noteworthy on Saturday that two former players, both with Detroit, have been placed on the COVID-19/ reserve list.

It’s not known if either were exposed to COVID, tested positive or had concerns for those around them at home.

Stafford is obviously the most high-profile NFL player opting out so far.

You can’t blame Stafford in his position - he has little to lose compared to a player like Nauta. With limited interaction in the offseason, younger players like Nauta have a tougher time solidifying their roster spots.

Players on all levels will have to make the decision between personal health and possibly hurting their careers. It’s a luxury that the Staffords have compared to less experienced players, not to mention those in college.

At some point, the line between how much entertainment is valued versus health will be drawn. Stafford did so with a pretty big strike through the dirt with his decision.

Speaking of pandemics...

The SEC PR brass had themselves a fun little Saturday...

In a perfect world, the SEC would have players saying nothing of substance that would leak out in public. In the current social media and ‘i didn’t know the mic was hot,’ climate, that’s not going to work.

Tragedy struck Georgia’s football family on Saturday with former offensive graduate assistant DJ Looney, who had moved along to an offensive assistant role at Louisiana, suffering a fatal heart attack.

The reactions on social media left little doubt about his impact on the Bulldogs, on and off the field.

Need more Sunday motivation?

You won’t after reading through Erk’s reminders.


Go Dawgs!