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The Battle Hymnal Schedule Release React Episode

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship Game-Alabama vs Georgia Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, it looks like we got ourselves a schedule. This in and of itself is a glorious thing, if only because we can all speculate about matchups and complain about having to play Auburn in week two instead of fixating on the “will they or won’t they play” question that has consumed college football of late.

On this episode...

  • Justin is studying and so we are without The Battle Hymnal crew member who would be most likely to win “The Bachelorette.” (he’s actually happily married, hands off ladies)
  • Graham comes in late and is accused of looking like he came from a job interview because this is a no-collar show and violators will be prosecuted
  • The guys react to Georgia’s 2020 schedule
  • Sorry first-year head coaches
  • We again point out why Florida is way overrated
  • Josh makes the screen look real pretty with some graphics while Nathan and Graham wander aimlessly off topic
  • Scorching hot takes on potential week one upsets being pulled by Kentucky and Florida
  • Bo Nix might be garbage
  • We apologize for the NSFW language about Greg McGarity’s horse trading abilities
  • We think the full season is going to get played? WE THINK THE FULL SEASON IS GOING TO GET PLAYED!
  • College Football bubbles appear to be happening right before our very eyes despite the NCAA saying that was impossible
  • Josh and Nathan take turns cutting off their own thoughts so they can chug beer when graphics are on the screen

If you would like us to answer a question on a future episode, please send a tweet with #askcbc in it and we will cover it.

We hope y’all enjoy!