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Kirby Smart’s explosive beach workout: A Dawg Sports Special Report

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Baylor v Georgia Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images

No one can really begrudge Bulldog head coach Kirby Smart a little summer R&R. Catching some rays. Sleeping in. Maybe doing a little fishing. Reminding his kids that dad used to be an All-SEC defensive back and it ain’t been that long ago.

Catch this smoke, son.

A few things going on here.

For one, I like the high step warm up. You can’t establish family dominance with a ruptured hamstring. You don’t just go from drinking Coors Lights and listening to the Doobie Brothers to peak athletic performance just like that.

I also like that Kirby takes exactly three strides to gage whether he needs to really crank it up. Then he turns on the afterburners and it’s good night, Irene. It’s always sort of fun to remember that at any age Kirby is still probably a better athlete than you.

Finally, there’s the Deion look back as he crosses the line. That’s an important Dad move. Because even when you’re a former elite athlete, when your kid has two parents who were both elite college athletes he’s going to be beating you like a rented mule sooner rather than later. So you gotta light up the scoreboard while you still can. Great job, coach. And....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!