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What would an October season start look like?

No non-conference games? It could be a price to pay to see games this fall

University Of Georgia Bulldogs Football Stadium

One of the many variables of the hope that college football makes its way to the field this fall is that, frankly, nobody really knows what it will look like.

When will games be played?

Will fans be in the stands...and how many?

Will tailgating be allowed?

These are just some of the unknowns.

One possible scenario? Starting games in October and taking out non-conference games. In truth, if you are talking about games being played this fall, that could in some respects be the most ideal scenario.

Here’s why:

For starters, if buys time. If there is another surge of COVID-19 near college campuses, it gives out more time to intervene to slow the spread by using measures such as universal masking and figure out the best path forward...not to mention trying to figure out who gets the golden tickets if fans are limited. The USG announced a mask requirement on Monday.

In addition, starting the season in October would mean a likely absence of non-conference games. Sure, losing clean old fashioned hate would be an odd departure for the short term, but it’d also buy an extra bye week. The creative scheduling here could be for Georgia when it comes to when to play in Tuscaloosa. Moving it to the first game of the shortened season would be nothing short of a TV ratings dream for CBS. An extra off week would also give teams an extra cushion for players to recover if they test positive for COVID - because if the past two weeks in other sports have shown anything, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

Thirdly - if fans are allowed in any way, I’ll gladly swap being on campus in October and November over September, especially if masks are required for fans in attendance.


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