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Gameday Classic City available now!

There is no human emotion so impertinent as hope.

We hope for example that there is a college football season in 2020. If there is, we want you to be prepared for it. In that spirit Dawg Sports has partnered again with our friends at Hat Guy Publishing to produce Gameday Classic City, a preseason magazine with no ads, just more of the Bulldog content you crave in these uncertain times.

This year’s edition includes the roster breakdowns for the Bulldogs and teams across the SEC, schedule analysis, returning production data, as well as recruiting coverage and a retrospective on the top ten moments of the decade of the 2010s in UGA football. It’s over 100 pages of red and black info you won’t find anywhere else.

Gameday Classic City is available on fine newsstands across the Peach State, as well as at this link. Pick up a copy for yourself, as well as the Auburn fan next door. He’ll probably learn some fancy new three syllable words and enjoy coloring in mustaches and devil horns on the pictures.

So please pick up a copy of our intrepid little magazine. If in fact toe meets leather this year, you’ll be ready. If it doesn’t, well, this one will make a nice conversation piece. But whatever happens...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!