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Dan Mullen’s Awful Tik-Tok And All Of The Questions The Gators Coach Can Answer “Ooh Nah Nah Nah” To

Tennessee v Florida Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

We are here today, as we are most days, to make fun of Dan Mullen.

Yesterday he posted a link to this video on his Twitter account.

This is Dan Mullen on Tik-Tok, trying to be cool and relate to the generation he’s recruiting in the most “Daaaaadddddd stooooopppp ittttt” way possible.

First off, Dan Mullen cannot dance. The whole video is evidence of this, but the real betrayal comes at the seven second mark when he smiles and nods towards his wife in amused surprise at the fact that he finally got the first three kicks down after 46 tries.

Another issue here is the two giant pieces framed above the couch. As esteemed colleague RedCrake pointed out on Twitter, how do you make six million dollars a year and fill your home with some Hobby Lobby-ass decor like that?

One thing that we do agree is smart here, is the song choice. We do not know what the song is, but it says “Ooh nah nah nah” over and over and over. This is good conditioning for Dan, the SEC head coach who is the utmost purveyor of the “Ooh nah nah nah” lifestyle.

What is Dan conditioning himself for? Well, without further adieu, here’s all of the things that Dan Mullen gets to say “Ooh nah nah nah” to...

“Dan, have you ever won a championship of any kind in your eleven years of coaching?

“Ooh nah nah nah”

“Dan, you’re a noted ‘offensive guru.’ Have you ever scored more than 17 points against the Georgia Bulldogs in Jacksonville?

“Ooh nah nah nah”

“Dan, are Todd Grantham’s emotional third-down blitz packages effective?”

“Ooh nah nah nah”

“Is your record above .500 in SEC play since becoming a head coach?”

“Ooh nah nah nah”

“You’re a noted ‘quarterback guru’ according to the media. Have you ever had a quarterback drafted higher than the 4th round?”

“Ooh nah nah nah”

“Have you ever won a game when Kirby Smart was on the opposing sideline?”

“Ooh nah nah nah”

“Are you an irrationally confident clown of a football coach who uses things like elaborate spring game attendance number trolls, Tik-Tok videos and outlandish statements like ‘I expect us to go undefeated this year’ to create a giant hollow facade that your blindly optimistic fans will lap up in hopes of distracting them from the fact that you can’t recruit and have already hit your ceiling as a head coach?”


“Dan, are you anywhere close to closing the talent gap between Florida and Georgia and winning a game in Jacksonville?”

“Ooh nah nah nah”