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Coffey Versus Coley Recap With Josh Hancher And Nathan Lawerence

Recently I released a piece about my experiment to discover if I could coordinate the offense of the 2019 Georgia Bulldogs better than James Coley did. It was lots of fun, and I had a blast making it. The article really came to life with some video help from Josh Hancher.

Josh is a stat guy, so naturally he suggested that we do a live video chat with Dawg Sports’ own Nathan Lawerence, host of the Chapel Bell Curve podcast. Josh, Nathan and myself did just that on Saturday afternoon. There was some interesting discussion of general play-calling principles, and the guys help further explain where things went awry for Georgia on offense in 2019.

The broadcast is in two different pieces due to a few technical difficulties, and I sound like I’m underwater at times because I don’t have a mic. Other than that we think it’s pretty good! I hope y’all will give it a listen.



Lastly, it’d be just plain wrong to not thank Josh again for all of his video help and for adding a ton of enthusiasm to this project. It’d also be foolish to not thank Nathan (@NathanJLawerence) for lending his very bright analytical mind to the recap. We enjoyed doing this broadcast, and the three of us hope to have more collaborations coming down the pipe. Follow Josh, (@Dawg_Stats) Nathan (@NathanJLawerence) or myself (@Professor_SEC) on Twitter if you’d like to keep up with future broadcasts.

I promise they won’t be about me playing a video game next time.

As always, GO DAWGS.