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Dawg Sports wants to know: Your sweetest moment of schadenfreude

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of things to miss about live sports. Camaraderie with your fellow fans. The exhilaration of victory.

And the absolute deliciousness of witnessing your rivals’ misery. The German term for the feeling is “schadenfreude.” And it is truly one of the great joys of college football. I love to watch the Georgia Bulldogs win. But I also love to watch the Florida Gators, Auburn Tigers, and Tennessee Volunteers lose.

Which brings us to this morning’s poll question: what is your favorite moment of Bulldog schadenfreude? Is it Casey Clausen bragging that he could beat Georgia “with one arm” only to lose by four touchdowns with two? Gus Malzahn crowing about “beating the dog crap” out of Georgia in Auburn only to get pummeled in Atlanta two weeks later? Any of the innumerable times Dan Mullen’s mouth wrote a check his offense couldn’t cash? Steve Spurrier giving up half a hundred to (checks notes)...Greyson Lambert?

There are a lot of options. But what was the most delicious moment of schadenfreude in recent UGA history.