Is South Carolina the end of the line?

I was thinking the other day, depending on whether 2020 gets played, Muschamp could be out at South Carolina's HC.
That led me to think, Spurrier essentially ended his career at SC- aside from the brief return to the failed pro league. Holtz also ended his career at SC. So I was thinking, who left SC and went on to another Head Coaching job?

Sparky Woods managed to return to the HC position at VMI after 15 years of assistant jobs. But other than him and another coach in the 60s that managed to get jobs in the CFL & USFL, no South Carolina coach has left for another Head Coaching job since the 50s. So is it a destination job or a graveyard shift, so to speak? Looking at the records for a lot of the coaches- maybe .500 at best, anyone taking the SC HC job should probably consider it to be their last.

So has Muschamp dug his own grave? I'd say the bloom is certainly off and I doubt unless he pulls a huge turnaround, he won't coach another P5 or Go5 school as the HC ever again. Maybe high school, JUCO or a FCS school, but I think his HC days will be done within 1-3 years. And while Florida and Tennessee might still have a gap to close with UGA, I think they have or will pass SC very soon.

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