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Andrew Thomas is a Giant

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NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Georgia Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

As expected left tackle Andrew Thomas became the first Bulldog off the draft board this evening with his selection by the Giants with the 4th pick in first round.

Thomas is a big left tackle, 6’5, 320 pounds with a solidly built lower body, long arms, and quick feet. Thomas has started at left tackle for a team that’s won the SEC East during each of his three collegiate seasons. His steady presence on Jake Fromm’s blind side has been a huge part of that success.

The Pace Academy product doesn’t necessary have the well-muscled build of an Isaiah WIlson. And his Combine strength numbers won’t blow people away. But he’s been consistently, brutally efficient in the SEC thanks to solid technique and great instincts. Thomas has consistent footwork, and rarely finds himself out of position. When he does, his excellent balance and feet help him regroup effectively.

Thomas is smart and has excelled against even multi-move pass rushers so long as he stays over his feet. When he gets in trouble it’s usually because he’s lurched or playing with a poor waist angle, often against true speed rushers. But once he gets his big hands on you, you’re basically done.

An area in which he’s excelled in Athens has been run blocking. Thomas can be counted on to take appropriate angles, and gathers himself well getting up to the second level.

Thomas has the potential, as you’d expect from a high first round pick, to start from day one in the league. He’s a physically imposing player who’s honed his craft against elite competition and won’t be intimidated. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!