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Free Form Friday: Your Social Distancing Open Thread

Mexican Economy Hit Hard as WHO Deems Coronavirus a Pandemic
Wash your hands, you filthy animals.
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There’s no college football this weekend.

There’s no college sports of any kind, for that matter. Or pro sports. There is however a global pandemic that’s gripped the world with fear, roiled global stock markets, and forced millions to shelter in their homes like, well, sports bloggers.

COVID-19’s not my problem. It’s not your problem. It’s our problem. And community (or global) problems call for collective solutions.

So, we’re dusting off Free Form Friday, the virtual tailgate tent under which no one can sneeze on you. Consider this your open comment thread for the conflagration. Maestro, the music:

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the author of a series of fascinating books including The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, once said that “history doesn’t crawl, it leaps.” Such is the case with the past week. We find ourselves inhabiting a vastly different world than we did just a few short days ago.

The changes are myriad across the social spectrum, with a new normal prevailing which is decidedly not normal. But for purposes of this site’s daily functioning the biggest impact is that the Georgia Bulldogs are unlikely to be back on a playing or practice field for at least the next seven weeks.

So we wanted to let y’all know what to expect in the interim. We’ll continue to cover any dribble of UGA news that comes out. If Kirby tweets out his thoughts on Love is Blind, believe me, we’ll provide our thoughts on Kirby’s thoughts on Love is Blind.

But we’re also probably going, how shall we say, a little off-script. If you’ve ever wanted to tell the masthead here to stick to sports before, Meat Cleaver Weaver as my witness you’re really going to want to do that in the next few days and weeks. But if you’re the type who could be interested in some sports/poetry permutations, barbecue recipes, and movie/book recommendations then you’re in luck.

Let’s make this the Open Thread for your thoughts on unfolding world events, breaking coronavirus news, and the like. If you’ve got experience working from home this would be a good spot to share wisdom for the newbies out there (sports blogger here, I’ll be going off on this subject momentarily).

Above all else, y’all be good to each other. This might be bad. But we will also get through it. It is both possible and in fact logical to hold each of these views in your mind simultaneously. And when the games begin again, we’ll be here. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!