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A Series Of Analogies Approximating Georgia Basketball’s Upset Of No. 13 Auburn

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight in Athens Tom Crean’s Georgia Bulldogs upset the #13 ranked Auburn Tigers 65-55. Anthony Edwards scored 18 points in the effort, and Rayshaun Hammonds and Sahvir Wheeler chipped in 13 apiece.

While wholly accurate, the above paragraph is also woefully inaccurate to convey the feeling that attends watching the Hoop Hounds, losers of eight of their last nines games, awake from their stupor to send Bruce Pearl packing in a corpulent, sulking rage. In times like this, I find that analogies sometimes better describe the emotional zone occupied by those who watched the Red and Black climb back to 13-13 on the year. I haven’t found the perfect one yet, but here are a few of the contenders:

  • It was like getting into an Uber only to find your driver is a really precocious golden retriever who knocks over a couple of garbage cans but ultimately gets you home safely.
  • It was like seeing the world’s foremost concert pianist stagger drunkenly onstage in a tuxedo tee shirt, then heave his Steinway out the window when people laugh.
  • It was like Ms. Universe leaving the pageant after party with Steve Buscemi. Then ditching him for Steve Buscemi’s hairdresser.

It was, in short, completely unexpected. But I’m glad for everyone who got to witness the spectacle. I hate Auburn. But I love beating them.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!