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Fear Does Not Exist in Kirby’s Dojo

UGA’s non-conference schedule beefs up even more with 2021 Clemson matchup

Clemson v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Georgia may win its out of conference games going forward. Or it may lose them.

Either way, one thing is clear. Kirby Smart’s program would throw its best haymaker at winning on a big stage than not setting foot into the ring.

Georgia’s future schedule between now and 2032 is dotted with matchups against Oregon, Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Virginia.

The wait to face the Tigers from across the river in the Palmetto State won’t be quite as long.

Georgia announced Tuesday that it’ll not only open 2021 against the Tigers, but the game will be a neutral site matchup in downtown...or as the locals prefer...Uptown Charlotte.

It adds to an ambitious non-conference task for Georgia going ahead.

Other than Georgia Tech, future non-conference opponents include Virginia next year in Atlanta. Oregon in 2022 in Atlanta, at Oklahoma in 2023, Clemson in Atlanta in 2024, a home and home with UCLA in 2025 and 2026, at Florida State in 2027, at Texas and home against Florida State in 2028, at home against Texas and at Clemson in 2029, Clemson and Ohio State at home in 2030, at Ohio State and home against Oklahoma in 2031 and a home and home against Clemson in 2032 and 2033.

With apologies to schools needing a paycheck, fewer teams like Samford and Wofford are walking through that door.

The calculated risk of playing a marquee opponent proved its salt this past year. Even with lacking offensive results, it spoke volumes that Georgia created a big-time atmosphere with Notre Dame in town, and the environment absolutely played a role in recruiting and the fact that Georgia was in conversation by the playoff committee for the fourth overall spot.

Playing in the middle of Clemson’s footprint won’t hurt, either. Georgia is a national brand, and playing a game like this, where the talk of it will dominate airwaves for months, will have, literally, Georgia on everyone’s mind. That’ll include fertile territory courted by the Tigers and the folksy charm of Mack Brown as long as he stays in Chapel Hill.

It does not hurt either that Georgia and Clemson will play again sooner.

Some of our older Dawgs remember when the Clemson rivalry was very, very heated.

Playing in 2021 will get that energy back to where it needs to be.

Go Dawgs!