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SB Nation Fan Pulse: UGA Fans Enter Drive By Truckers Territory

18th Annual Americana Music Festival & Conference - Cannery Ballroom Showcases Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Americana Music

As you’re no doubt aware, SB Nation continues to poll college sports fans about timely issues as part of our Fan Pulse program. During football season that includes a ranking of the top 25 teams on the collegiate gridiron and during basketball season, it’s been taking the pulse (rimshot!) of fans’ about the direction of their favorite college hoops program.

Your excitement about UGA basketball, dear reader, appears to be ebbing.

You’ll note that this is the first time since Tom Crean began the season with a roster full of young and talented players that confidence in the direction of the program is at or below 50%. I could make an argument that this is partially because many of us started the year with too high an estimation of what could be done with the current roster. One could also make an argument that Coach Crean’s rebuild has nevertheless gone backwards since hitting its high point in an upset win over a top ten Memphis team.

In any event, as the Dawgs head into a Saturday afternoon matchup with Texas A&M in College Station, there’s a palpable aesthetic here that should be familiar to Athenians. It’s the same sort of blue collar Southern Gothic feel that permeates 86% of Drive By Truckers songs, and can be described succinctly: this kind of sucks, and it ain’t what I was hoping for but, heck man, what are you gonna do? I’m gonna need more beer.

I can’t prove it, but I think things are likely to get better from here. Several players appear to have hit a bit of a wall, and the Bulldogs aren’t getting any taller, which has led to some lopsided results against solid rebounding teams. But then the tyranny of low expectations holds that it’s going to be hard to do much worse than Georgia’s current #13 SEC Tournament seed. Unless we manage to lose on the road to #14 seed Vanderbilt next week (he said jiggling his hindquarters disrespectfully in the direction of the Fates). Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!