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Sunday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Is Opting In

NCAA Football: Georgia at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It’s officially game week, as the Bulldogs returned to campus yesterday to begin preparations for Friday’s Peach Bowl matchup against Cincinnati.

We now have a pretty good idea who has opted in and opted out for the game, and Marc Weiszer has a good list here. None of these appear particularly surprising to me. I think most observers felt like Eric Stokes would be turning pro with a good season, and it appears he’s doing exactly that. The news that Azeez Ojulari will be playing in the bowl game is fantastic, as a Bulldog defense that could be playing without key pieces in the secondary needs to at least have a credible pass rush.

As we touched on last year before the Sugar Bowl, it’s important to stop thinking of bowl games as the last game of the current season and start treating them like the first tuneup for the next. You’ll be happier as a fan, and teams that have done that have actually had good results.

Speaking of people who sometimes get good results, rumors have been shooting around the college football internet that Will Muschamp will be named the defensive coordinator at Michigan, replacing the recently departed Don Brown.

I don’t have a strong opinion on whether this would be a good hire. Muschamp has a proven track record as a DC that’s far more impressive than his head coaching marks. So Jim Harbaugh could probably do worse. But the move would deliver us a picture of a half-frozen Muschamp on the Ann Arbor sidelines during a November matchup with Penn State looking like a hiker who froze halfway up Mount Everest and is now used as a trail marker/warning to those who follow. And for that reason, I hope it happens.

Finally, your moment of zen.

Feel free to pull this clip up the next time your buddy tells you that he could have turned pro if not for that knee injury in the state semis back in 2006.

Professional athletes: actually an entirely different species since 638 B.C.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!