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Dan Mullen Hit With Show Cause Order Over Latest Recruiting Violations

NCAA Football: Florida at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

It turns out that, as usual, if Florida’s winning and Steve Spurrier isn’t coaching, Florida is cheating.

The NCAA announced today that Florida has accepted a series of punishment measures after Head Coach Dan Mullen and an unnamed assistant coach had impermissible contact with underclassman recruits and recruits touring the UF football facilities. A key point is that Mullen was tagged with a one year “show cause” order due to the concession by Gator officials that his involvement in the violations demonstrated a lack of institutional control from the head coach. I know, you’re as shocked as I am that this guy wasn’t in control of his program.

Many of the sanctions were served prior to this announcement. But among the notable sanctions still to be served is a seven day ban on Mullen hitting the road during the spring 2021 evaluation period, which looks like it might be one of the first times in awhile that college coaches will actually be able to hit the road post-COVID.

To be clear, the official position of this site remains that the players should be paid, and that many of them already are because every major college football power has bagmen. These violations are less about any recruiting advantage for the Gators, and more the fact that Mullen and his folks were committing some of the most bone-headed, rookie level compliance mistakes imaginable.

In short, 2020, the high water mark of the Mullen era, is going to end with three losses and a year of probation. Now that he’s losing the Heisman candidate quarterback he tried for a year and a half not to start, the best tight end in the country, and a host of other critical pieces, we’re about to see the Dan Mullen we’ve come to know and love. Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!