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Wednesday Dawg Bites Is Bundling Up

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The body of work of Greg McGarity as Georgia athletics director will be fully judged over time by the success of two his most high-profile hires - Kirby Smart and Tom Crean.

Fundraising and facility growth is nice, but the casual fan will look back on his tenure as if he got these hires right or not.

Smart and Crean have since reacted to McGarity’s planned retirement.

And unless you became a Georgia fan in 2017, you likely remember were you were in November of 2015 when Mark Richt was no longer the Georgia coach. It’s a decision that still sticks with McGarity.

As a Georgia fan, you’re still likely asked about Richt’s firing by fans of other teams. I think at least for me, McGarity summed it up nicely.

McGarity, by the way has plans that include downtime.

Georgia faces a Vanderbilt team Saturday that is even bad for the Commodores standards in recent years. So logically, Georgia’s offense should be set up to take a step theory.

But there is a certain placekicker that’ll be on the Vandy travel roster. If Vandy somehow by the act of God scores a touchdown, a interwebs will be...interesting.

Not only that, but she’s been gotten a shoutout from the famed placekicker of the Texas State Fighting Armadillos.

Yes, we spot Herschel below.

TSU, of course, was featured in one of the most underrated football movies of all time.

It’ll buy you a cup of coffee, but Georgia did move up in the CFP rankings.

Go Dawgs!