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(Non)Gameday Morning Dawg Bites and Open Comment Thread

We’re in the endgame now...

Entertainment & Tourism Industries In New York City Struggle Under Pandemic Restrictions Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

Ah, yes... another gameday morning that isn’t. And I suppose that’s a strange thing to be upset about on December 19th, but it irks me anyway. This hasn’t been the best season. There were obviously a couple of sub-par performances, Dawg-wise. Then, of course, the “will they/won’t they” and inevitable game postponements and cancellations brought about by COVID protocols and what sometimes seemed to be the lack of strict adherence to them by certain opposing institutions. But, overall, we had much more of a season than I figured we would back in August, so I can’t be too unhappy. So now it’s time to play this one out:

On to your (Non)Gameday Morning Dawg BItes (such as they are... turns out it’s kind of a slow news day):

  • Ooh, look! A random collection of Twitter responses to Georgia’s new recruits! Which begs the question, does the J School have a class you can take on how to effectively do this?
  • Dawgs247 does some actual analysis of the class, with position grades across the board.
  • The AJC has a profile on one of Georgia’s less flashy new signees, his potential impact, and how quickly Matt Luke transitioned to the recruiting trail after his hire last off-season.
  • If you have an interest in Mel Kiper’s Big Board as it relates to current Georgia players. first off, I’m sorry. And second, here you go.
  • Finally, one Georgia squad will be in action today. The Hoop Dawgs host an uneven Cincinnati Bearcats team that is probably better than their 2-3 record indicates (8:00, SECNetwork). The Dawgs are favored by a single point.

This is also your (Non)Gameday Morning Open Comment Thread leading up to the conference championship games that will take place throughout the day. How bad will Alabama destroy Florida? What exactly will Dan Mullen find to whine about this week? Will there be wardrobe-based shenanigans? This is the place to sound off about that and today’s other games. Macondawg will be along later with additional comment threads as they become necessary. Until then...

Merry Christmas to all and to all a