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15 Thoughts Is Still Laughing

I went to bed laughing. I woke up this morning laughing. You did, too.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Missouri
How ‘bout a little love for this emerging running back?

Breaking News: Gus is gone. This is a bad year to be looking for a new leader, IMO. Just ask Texas.

Here is the part of the program where I usually recap the previous day’s Georgia Football game with 15 Thoughts usually in victory, sometimes in defeat and always with at least an attempt at humor. I’m not going for as much post-game analysis, but more of a stream of consciousness in today’s installment. It looks a bit different because it is different. Just trying to shake things up a bit.

THOUGHT #1: We have a very good football team at the moment and it’s a shame we can’t cause some chaos in the playoffs.

The emergence of J.T. Daniels has made this team nearly complete. Georgia has, over the span of 3 games, become what we thought we would be prior to Jamie Newman quitting with 2 weeks before kickoff back in August. Barring some sort of miracle, it appears (according to 247Sports) that we’re headed to a New Year’s 6 Bowl Game. One service has us playing Oklahoma in the Cotton; another vs. Coastal Carolina in the Peach.

After last night Sole Bowl in Gainesville, Florida might drop down to the Citrus Bowl. I can live with that.

THOUGHT#2: IF ‘ifs and buts were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas...’

...but if Georgia had the version of J.T. Daniels they have today vs. Florida (and a healthy Jordan Davis/Richard LeCounte), we would have handled Florida. Hell, if Stetson Bennett had not gotten hurt, who knows? But (there’s that word again) Georgia is a completely different animal today than it was only 4 or 5 weeks ago. This is a dangerous team at the moment and this guy has pegged The Dawgs as #4 in his power ranking.

THOUGHT #3: Georgia’s coaching staff, from top to bottom, are doing things right.

Whatever Kirby & Co. is preaching inside of Butts-Mehre, it is working. Despite a lot of adversity - QB issues and injuries - on a roster laden with a ton of talent who could have done the increasingly popular thing and opted out, only a few have done so. Trey Blount has declared his intentions and still played some yesterday at CoMo. This is remarkable. I think there is a strong bond between coaches and players on this team with a few expected exceptions here ‘n there. Maybe some guys who we assume will to jump the the NFL might come back because of this. It would be a nice surprise.

THOUGHT #4: I really don’t like pre-season polls and looking ahead. It temps Excessivus way, way too much. But...

Think about a proper off-season installing the entire offensive package - with all the bells and whistles in Todd Monken’s playbook. Consider J.T. Daniels and his cadre of weapons surrounding him and the chemistry he is rapidly building with George Pickens. The offensive talent on this roster will yield incredible results next season beyond G-Day and a complete August camp. Georgia has transformed into a (usually) efficient offensive machine over the last 3 games. Imagine how we’ll look after the next 9 months of balancing and blueprinting this high performance engine? If you aren’t smiling by now, you should be.

This particular score lit my fire. A perfect play call.

THOUGHT #5: The Defense will not be neglected, either.

Okay, so we’re all buzzing about the potential for this offense, but defense is still Kirby’s thing. Yesterday, Mizzou had basically a single drive where they moved the ball downfield using some imagination and to their credit, scored. Then, Kirby adjusted. The Tigers rushed for 22 yards on the day and didn’t break 200 in the passing game. Once the offense awoke from its 2nd quarter coma, and the defense adjusted, the game was over.

THOUGHT #6: Florida is our biggest rival. Dan Mullen is the biggest tool in the considerable coaching shed. We need to crush them next year.

I think I hate losing to these guys more than I like beating them. The last month + has been somewhat sucky because of the results in Jacksonville. Times like these make living down here in the land of the gator a bit challenging. But because of this... football sole soul has been uplifted. Thank you, LSU for playing out of your minds. Best early Christmas present ever. Thank you, Marco Wilson, for losing your mind and restoring mother Earth on its proper axis. Thank you, Meteos - God of Weather - for a 61 degree evening with a 61 degree dewpoint temperature which yielded 100% relative humidity with no wind and a fog bank that gave this game the aura and feel that its surreal and bizarre quality deserved.

THOUGHT #7: RedCrake is a gentleman and a scholar. His wisdom knows no bounds. He will be selecting my Powerball ticket numbers every week for now on:


LSU Tigers @ #6 Florida Gators, ESPN - 7:00 pm

I just have a feeling about this one. I don’t know why... maybe it’s just blind hatred, but I think the Tigers may have something brewing. If I’m wrong, I expect you all to extend me the same courtesy Herbie and Desmond require and just pretend like I never said it.

THOUGHT #8: Any chance some draft eligible guys stick around for next year’s run?

Sometimes, you just need to come back and finish things. Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy all returned for the 2017 season and that almost worked out perfectly. That kind of leadership is important. I know guys like Jordan Davis are rare, but if he were to stick around (I don’t expect him to), that would be incredibly important. Our biggest area of concern heading into next season will be at cornerback as youth will have to step up and mature in a hurry. We shall see how draft grades factor in over the next few months. I think we’ll get a pleasant surprise or two. Just don’t ask me who.

THOUGHT #9: Stupid is as stupid does.

You already knew these guys were idiots. This clip merely confirms it. Maybe Joey Galloway will quit drooling now.

This particular video will not find its way on either jackwagon’s resume reel...

THOUGHT #10: All kidding aside, prayers for this particular Gator.

THOUGHT #11: Daijun Edwards is a very, very good running back.

Georgia was blowing open holes for most of the day on Saturday. When Edwards got his chance, he showed out essentially picking up where he left off during the last drive of the game vs. South Carolina. His stat line: 11 carries for 103 yards, 1 TD. This kid is tough to tackle, has surprising quickness and can motor. I saw some comparisons to Brian Herrien, but before I completely concur I’d like to see how well he catches the football. Anyway, he’s earning more playing time and if Zamir White declares for the draft, Edwards playing time will undoubtedly increase. He deserves this regardless of what Zeus chooses to do. Our running back room is just fine.

THOUGHT #12: Balance

Macondawg already covered it, but it is very nice to see although I have to agree with The Sentaor’s take. When Darnell Washington was out there doing his thing as Kirby showcased him during one particular drive (wonder why?), were you not entertained? That kid is a monster. He’s only going to become more monstrous. The Big 0. He needs a better nickname. Let’s work on it.

If only...

THOUGHT #13: Special Teams weren’t so special...

This was by far the worst single game of the year for that collective unit. Kearis Jackson’s muffed punt was admittedly a difficult ball to field because of conditions, but that certainly injected life during our listless 2nd quarter. Jake Camarda had a good day and Jack Podlesny didn’t miss an extra point, but uncharacteristically pulled a field goal. Ultimately, it didn’t matter but did cause a brief moment of gastric distress.

THOUGHT #14: Credit the staff for preparing this team.

Morning kickoffs on the road on the SECNetwork are often problematic. We’ve had our share of these early starts this season and considering the potential for a sleepwalk game, I thought the staff did a very good job of having the guys ready to go. Eric Stokes removed all doubt with his interception to get the 1st quarter festivities off to a roaring start. That cold weather thing was way, way overrated though. That’s football weather!

THOUGHT #15: We started a new center. Did anyone really notice?

If you didn’t, that’s okay. Warren Ericson replaced the injured Trey Hill and all of his snaps to J.T. Daniels in the shotgun formation were executed flawlessly as far as I could tell. I don’t think Trey’s future in the NFL is going to be at center, but I could be wrong. Might he slide over to guard next season? Anyway, except for the 2nd quarter, the offensive line played very well.


  • The least accountable coach in America?

“I didn’t see that?” “I guess that’s a penalty.” Sounds like he has no idea of what’s really going on during a game to me.

  • Congratulations:

I still want to see her line up at running back next week on a wheel route. Vandy vs. Georgia has been announced for a nooner on the SECNetwork. This is fine as we can all enjoy the SECCG and watch Bama’s vivisection of Florida.

  • From this video, you’d think Auburn won something. Trust me. They didn’t. We’ll call this “The Last Dance.”

See you and your bus in the Sun Belt.

That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy your Gator schadenfreude, err’body.