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Three keys to beating Mizzou

Georgia v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Other than bowl season, Georgia takes to the road for the final time this season on Saturday at Missouri.

Georgia has never lost to the Tigers on the road. Here are three keys to keeping it that way.

This one’s on the secondary

Especially against Florida, Alabama and Mississippi State, Georgia has looked not much like its previous self in the defensive secondary. Toss in the fact that the Tigers are hitting their stride and can put up big numbers in the air (see the two 400-plus yard games against LSU and Arkansas), and this could be a game where you see if the DB group wants to salvage anything or not. If Georgia is not sharp here, it could be a tough day on that side of the ball.

Motivation, motivation and motivation

Georgia’s not going to Atlanta and the temps in Columbia should be in the 40s. This one could reek of the Liberty Bowl in terms of dreary atmospheres and lack of energy in the stadium. If Georgia acts like it’s excited to be there and wanting to make a statement, odds of winning are good.

Play confident

This Mizzou team is confident and is appearing to be bought in to Eli Drinkwitz. The best way for Georgia to take that confidence away? Build a two-score lead early on.

Go Dawgs!