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How the Three Keys To A Win Were Not Met

Florida vs Georgia Photo by Matt Stamey/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Get early breaks.

Think back to last year. On the game’s first drive for Florida, the Gators were stopped in fourth down. It set the tone for the whole game. Georgia needs to do something similar. Whether it’s a an early turnover, quick score of big play,Georgia needs it, and cannot allow Florida to do the same.

This is one of few things that went right. In seven plays, scored twice, going up 14-0. Trouble was, with the way Florida moved the ball, that momentum would have to be sustained, and it was not. One of many things that haunts this team is this - it has not put together a full four quarters, even in victory.

Slow down Pitts

Georgia won’t be able to straight up shut down Kyle Pitts, more than likely. He’ll get his yards and catches. What Georgia cannot afford is for him to take over the game. If he does, UGA’s defense will have to bow its neck more than desired.

Save for one acrobatic catch the further shows why Pitts will play on Sundays, Pitts was not much of a factor - certainly him being knocked out by Lewis Cine, who in current UGA fashion knocked himself out, too, took care of that.

Pitts not having a big day was well and good, but Georgia’s defense didn’t do much in the way of defending many UF receivers in the first half on Saturday.

Capable QB Play

Was Georgia deliberately not throwing it last week or is it straight up unconfident in Stetson Bennett? We will find out soon enough. Bennett does not have to win the game on his own, but needs to be able to pass it enough to keep Florida honest.

Hoo to the Bauta debacle, this is the worst display of QB play I can recall in Jacksonville by someone other than a starting QB for the Jaguars. The shot that Bennett took early, by all accounts, impacted his pysche, and how poorly of a situation Georgia is in under center had the bandaid ripped off of it when D’Wan Mathis was in the game.

I’m not sure what the answer is at QB for Georgia. Either way, it looks like whatever this staff comes up with won’t be a good one for the rest of 2020.

Go Dawgs!