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The Battle Hymnal: Spencer Hall Joins The Guys To Preview The Cocktail Party

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Georgia-Florida week, and The Battle Hymnal was joined by notable Gator fan and college football observer Spencer Hall of the Shutdown Fullcast and Moon Crew to give you an extensive breakdown of what to expect on the field and in the stands this Saturday in Jacksonville.

On this episode of The Battle Hymnal...

  • Does Kirby or Mullen need this game more?
  • Sects of Florida fans explained
  • Jacksonville is just South Georgia, and vice-versa
  • Who should we be scared of on Florida? (Spoiler: It’s Kyle Pitts. It’s ALWAYS Kyle Pitts)
  • Spencer on UF’s running-backs
  • How injuries might catch up to the UGA D
  • Florida’s most successful plays vs Georgia’s defense
  • UGA’s o-line
  • Will we get Good Stetson or Bad Stetson?
  • How is this thing going to go?
  • Score predictions