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Monday Dawg Bites: Return of the Stache?

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Good morning.

The above was posted on the Twitter account of JT Daniels Sunday afternoon, sparking all sorts of speculation on Twitter, message boards and the UGA dark web. Is it a cryptic message that Daniels plans to return to Athens in 2021? Maybe.

Some posters out there have sworn that Daniels told their brother’s wife’s sister’s friend’s cousin that he is coming back to the Classic City in 2021. She also said she saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. Apparently it’s pretty serious.

Anyways, that’s a good enough reason as any for us to post a fantastic song to start our week with.

It’s also enough for us to write special “JT Daniels is BACK” lyrics to that song.

“(Return of the Stache) come on

(Return of the Stache) oh my God

(You know that I’ll be back) here I am

(Return of the Stache) once again

(Return of the Stache) pump up the world

(Return of the Stache) watch my flow

(You know that I’ll be back) here I go

So I’m back up in the game

Throwing things to keep my swing

Letting all the people know

That I dropped 400 on Leach’s dome

‘Cause what I did, you know, throw bombs

And even hit a tight-end,

And got D-Rob off the milk carton

So, dawg fans, listen carefully

While I sing my come-back song”

Now that we’ve spit hot fire, here’s your Monday headlines...

If JT Daniels is indeed back for 2021 that would be excellent news for Georgia. He’s been really good, and Saturday night’s offensive showing for Georgia was a good example of what balance will do for an offense. The Gamecocks couldn’t ever fully key on the run, and that’s because JT Daniels has shown he will burn your defense if you do.

It would also be great news because D’Wan Mathis appears to be on his way into the transfer portal and out of Athens. The former four-star probably saw the writing on the wall after the debut of Daniels, and with five-star quarterback Brock Vandagriff on his way into the program, the window of opportunity for Mathis to be the Bulldogs starter is likely shut. Speaking of Vandagriff, he had a pretty good evening on Friday night. He’s also having a pretty good year.

It’s amazing how quickly fortunes change in college football, and suddenly it feels like the Dawgs aren’t going to struggle to recruit pass catchers in coming classes like so many people were speculating they would just a few weeks ago.

After making short work of South Carolina on Saturday, the Bulldogs now turn their heads towards Senior Day against Vanderbilt. They will face Vanderbilt after the Commodores had a pretty wild weekend. It started with the debut of kicker Sarah Fuller, who became the first woman to play in a Power 5 football game when she kicked off to start the second-half of Vandy’s game at Missouri this weekend. Fuller’s debut created a buzz across the sport of college football and beyond, and it was great to see.

Unfortunately for the Commodores, Fuller never got a chance to kick a field-goal. That wasn’t due to any coaching decision. Vanderbilt was never able to score a touchdown or get past the Missouri thirty-five yard-line. That level of incompetency was apparently too much for the administration to stand, and Derek Mason was dismissed on Sunday.

Offensive coordinator Todd Fitch will be the interim head coach when the Commodores come to Athens this Saturday. It has yet to be announced if Fuller will continue her kicking duties, but it would be pretty dang cool if she made history by attempting a field-goal on Saturday in Athens. Early odds in Vegas have Georgia as a 33.5 point favorite over Vandy.

As of this moment, the Commodores are the last team Georgia has scheduled this season. It remains to be seen if the Missouri game will be made up sometime in December, but Greg McGarity seems determined to have every SEC team play ten conference games this year. There could be a scenario where Georgia plays its tenth game against another SEC foe since the Tigers also have a game to make up against Mississippi State. Or maybe the Tigers will play that game the day of the SEC Championship. We shall see.

As far as bowl games go, it is still yet to be seen how many happen. As of right now CBS Sports has Georgia projected to face Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl as part of the New Years Six games. 247 Sports also has Georgia facing the Bearcats in the Peach Bowl. That would be a classic lose-lose scenario for the Dawgs, but it could also give this surging team more -practices and game experience to gel before the 2021 opener against Clemson. It will be interesting to see how things shake out.

We’ll be along with more throughout the week, but for now...

Go Dawgs!