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The Battle Hymnal UGA vs USC Review: How The Damn Ball Was Run

Georgia vs South Carolina Photo by Tony Walsh/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

On a night where Mike Bobo was on the opposite sideline, Georgia exorcised some bad Gamecock juju and ran the damn ball. The result was our first look at what Todd Monken’s offense looks like when a defense has to account for the pass and the run, and it turns out that it’s pretty fun to watch.

It was also pretty fun to breakdown. On this episode of The Battle Hymnal...

  • Something kinda weird is happening with our sound, but we promise we sound smarter in person
  • Josh and Graham’s takeaway plays
  • Kearis bounces back
  • Arian Smith!?!?!?!? Add him to the list of problems that defensive coordinators will have to account for when defending this UGA offense. Welcome to the party baby Mecole
  • The Dawgs ran the ball, and don’t look now but James Cook might be turning a corner
  • THIS is how you finish runs
  • Georgia’s offensive line had a dominant night, and goodness look at the push
  • The Dawgs can still throw it around too
  • Is that a tight-end?!
  • And a fullback?!
  • Remember those sniffers we warned you about in August?
  • Daniels > Pickens is going to be a fun combo next season
  • Let’s look at the things that went wrong on offense too. Does JT fully trust his back leg yet?
  • Missed tackles, missed tackles, missed tackles
  • What a night for the pass rush, and a win for the “recruiting matters” crowd
  • Takeaways
  • Thank y’all