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How Georgia met the keys to a win

Georgia vs South Carolina Photo by Tony Walsh/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

By and large, it was a good win for the Dawgs on Saturday night at USC, a place that’s had its challenges, even in victory.

Here’s how Georgia met the keys to a win.

Press and press often.
Coming off last week, Georgia is confident it can pass, and the Gamecocks are depleted in the secondary. JT Daniels and company need to test the edge deep early and often.

Georgia did this offensively not just through the air, but on the ground as well. The Gamecocks were depleted, and what Georgia set out to do and executed showed.

Get well In the secondary

Last week’s showing by the UGA DBs was anything but good. Rebounding will take away big plays and prevent whoever the opposing QB is to keep USC in it.

At times, Georgia made plays downfield, but the loss of Richard LeCounte still shows. A veteran group with this talent should allow a 90-plus yard drive to a QB in their first start.
Move on from last week

Move Ahead

The challenge for Georgia? Show last week was no fluke. If UGA avoids starting flat here. It runs away to a win.

Georgia, from the start offensively, played with a chip on its shoulder. Anytime you do that, lots of good will come.

Go Dawgs!