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First Quarter Open Thread: Drag Me To Columbia

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The JT Daniels show hits the road to the absolute worst venue in the SEC.

Columbia is a horrible place where the lucky survive. No one and no thing ever truly thrives there. To that end, I’m looking for the Bulldogs to escape without making any killer mistakes or suffering any horrendous injuries. Everything else is just gravy.

The UGA passing attack should be able to complete some shots on a depleted Gamecock secondary. Last week JT Daniels was hot. Can he maintain that? How will the UGA offense respond if he doesn’t? If the Red and Black defense plays like they’re capable of playing against the run then this one should be pretty mundane. Allow the Garnet and Black to hang around and, as we saw last week, you can wind up in the fight of your life against literally anyone in the SEC.

Let’s get out of this place with a win before it rubs off.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!