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Dawg Sports Staff Picks Week 13

Mississippi State v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

And just like that we’ve reached Week 13. The Bulldogs are heading to the giant heat conducting tin cup in a field known as Williams-Brice Stadium and you’re decorating your Christmas trees. A lot about 2020 is weird, but nothing could be weirder than zero cases of heat exhaustion at a UGA vs South Carolina game. Nonetheless, here we are.

We here at DawgSports are continuing to pick games at a clip that would allow us to make a good living in Vegas, and we are all pretty sure that RedCrake has been feeding Danny Sheridan tips for a few extra dollars. Despite the fact that we’re hot and on a roll we don’t recommend you wagering actual dollars on these picks.

Without further delay, here’s the picks for Bobo Bowl I and the rest of today’s action. We only got a few full Saturday’s left, so y’all make sure to enjoy the day.