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Season 5 Volume 8 South Carolina

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The crazy year that is 2020 continues as the Dawgs rush for under 10 yards and pass for more than 400.

JT Daniels In Review

Outstanding. What really impressed me most was how he subtlety evaded pressure while keeping his eyes down field. He also seemed to have tremendous chemistry with receivers he hasn’t had many reps with. He showed arm talent, elusiveness and the ability to throw 3 TDs on one drive (just needed some help from receivers before finally converting a 3rd and 20 for a TD). So that’s the good, from a our passing perspective, it was about as good as it could have been. However, let’s not act like he tore up a world beating defense. Daniels will face much better players playing in a much better defensive scheme. He had one of the best games a Georgia QB has had in a while against a team that traveled 49 scholarship players and isn’t exactly known for lock down defense.

So what does it mean moving forward? Honestly, his performance was so good that it honestly worried me that if he keeps the pace for the next 3 games he could end up going to the draft. While unlikely, he won just about every national and sec honor of the week and he has peoples attention. More than likely he will be in a QB battle with Brock Vandagriff come next season and with another year in Monkens system on a healthy knee, I think he wins that competition. Daniels may be the QB Georgia needs to spark an offense that isn’t solely based on power run game. An offense Monken has been trying to implement since her arrived, without the appropriate players.

Big Games Against the Cocks

Jermaine Burton- I’m expecting another big game from Burton as the gamecocks are getting low on DBs after opt outs. Daniels propensity to chuck the deep ball plays well with Burton’s speciality

James Cook- Mississippi state showed a blue print of how to slow Georgia’s power run game. South Carolina likely tries to replicate early on, providing Cook opportunities in perimeter run, screen game and check down.

Tyrique Stevenson- there will be both pressure and interception opportunities from the slot for Stevenson

Quiet Years in 2020

Travon Walker- walker has not provided near the pressure or production I was expecting from him in his sophomore year. He has all the ability but has to turn on

Nolan Smith- Smith unfortunately is not currently playing like the #1 player in the country. He seems to be handled by OTs much thicker than him. He may need to add weight and additional pass rush moves. Intensity and effort has always been there.

Game Preview

I think whatever motivation a 2019 loss still provides in a relatively meaningless season shows up on Saturday. A lot of teams come together and perform really well following the firing of a long time coach. After several opt outs and a loss to Missouri, I don’t see South Carolina as that team. Georgia’s Offense shows more balance with a 200 yard running game while JT continues long ball and 3rd down success. Defensive pressure forces 3 turnovers and constant pressure. A close game turns into an easy win late in the 3rd. Dawgs 38 Cocks 17

Buckys Easy Money of the Week

Overall: 135-120-4

Last week: 3-2

2020: 16-13-1

  1. Notre Dame -6 vs North Carolina
  2. Vanderbilt +14 vs Mizzou
  3. Liberty -37.5 vs Umass
  4. NC State -14 vs Syracuse
  5. Coastal Carolina -17 vs Texas St