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First Quarter Open Thread: Paint It Black

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 19 UL Lafayette at Georgia Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A couple of pregame updates from the press box:

Mississippi State probably could have gotten out of playing this game. If they’re at 53 players, the bare minimum in order to travel according to SEC protocols, it’s likely Mike Leach could have simply told somebody with a gimpy hamstring to just be a little gimpier and stayed home in Starkville to watch the History Channel.

The fact that the Bizarro Bulldogs are instead in the Classic City at this moment means that their Pirate leader has instead elected to give it a go with a depleted roster against a team that could finish the year in the top ten. He’s not going to do that and play it close to the vest. He’s never conservative, but he certainly isn’t going to go into his shell in this setup. Georgia is about to encounter a team running from the cops on two good tires and unwilling to go back to jail, man.

Either Mississippi State is going to come out with nothing to lose, play loose, and make this game closer than it should be, or they’re going to be so totally outgunned that objective viewers feel sorry for them. I really don’t see an in between scenario. Which result prevails? No clue. But I can’t wait to find out.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!