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The Battle Hymnal: Breaking Down What J.T. Daniels Brings To The QB Position

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well it looks like we’re gonna play some football on Saturday night in Athens. I don’t know about y’all, but we at The Battle Hymnal are very ready to watch some Georgia Bulldogs Football.

Playing football for Georgia on Saturday night will be one JT Daniels. When we last saw our mustachioed hero he was wearing scarlet and gold at Southern California. He started as a 17 year-old true freshman. Like freshman quarterbacks in Power 5 football are known to do, he made some bad decisions from time to time. So did Stafford, Eason, Murray, Zeier, Fromm and many many others over the years.

What he also did in his eleven games as a starter was show an incredible ability to process coverages, see the field and feel the rush. On top of that he might be the most natural passer Georgia has ever had on its campus. We don’t know if Saturday’s game against Mississippi State will be Daniels coming out party, but if his immense natural talents are correctly focused he will be the toast of Bulldog Nation come Saturday night.

Here’s our big breakdown of Daniels to get you ready for Saturday. We’re definitely fired up for the game after digging into these clips...

Cheers, y’all.