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Wednesday Dawg Bites has no plans to opt out

Georgia v Georgia Tech Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Opting out? Not in the world of Richard Lecounte.

Even if he is on the mend, the hard-hitting safety made clear his intents to still remain with the Bulldogs.

In short, it’s a more clear statement about staying and not leaving compared to that of Gabby Johnson in Blazing Saddles.

Other than quarterback play, maybe the one group at Georgia wanting to atone for missteps is the defensive secondary.

The Red & Black takes a look at Georgia’s defensive balance between ‘creating havoc’ and locking things down in the secondary.

While Georgia faces USC interim head coach and former UGA offensive coordinator Mike Bobo next week in Columbia, the cloud of who’ll get the job in the end will linger.

Here’s a look at candidates, potentially. Honestly, I would be surprised to not see the Chickens target Todd Monken if they are indeed looking for an offensive mind. Oh and if they want to be straight-up bothersome, another Monken, Jeff and his option offense would be the epitome of annoying.

It’s a shame there is no in-person media sessions this week in Athens. If so, Mike Leach would be a treat post-game, win or lose.

Go Dawgs!