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(Non)Gameday Morning Dawg Bites and Open Comment Thread

Well, this Saturday certainly isn’t living up to expectations...

NCAA Football: Georgia at Kentucky Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the good news is we’re going to make it through Saturday without an embarrassing loss. The bad news is thats because we aren’t playing. Coronavirus is a fickle mistress. But honestly, without the good news and bad news above, there might not be any news at all. As you can imagine, things aren’t exactly bustling around the football program at this precise moment. As such, we’ll only be having a light serving of Dawg Bites this morning.

But first, a little music:

Now on with the show:

  • We do have one major headline today. Honestly it’s a doozy. So, the thing that had happened was the Georgia Bulldogs have signed a multi-year extension with The Libman Company to keep LIbman the exclusive provider and sponsor of UGA basketball’s on-court mops. Whew. Critical information I needed to get my day started. Thanks, Yahoo Finance!
  • Well, Kirby’s lost another one to the transfer portal. When is this coach gonna learn how to manage his most critical position players???
  • You know what is almost certain to brighten our spirits? The return of Georgia Basketball!! You know, the sport with the hoop and the round, orange ball which has never ever done anything but uplift Dawg Nation following a somewhat disappointing football season? Yeah, that.
  • Finally, in non-Georgia news, we aren’t the only ones postponed (obviously). Georgia Tech and Pitt will have to reschedule their game as well. I went to change this week’s TV schedule, then I realized that game wasn’t nationally-televised to begin with. What a strange development. #404theculture

This is also your comment thread for the morning and early afternoon hours of this college football Saturday, such as it is. Feel free to share your plans for the day, your thoughts on today’s remaining games, and how you’ll be spending the three and half hours you won’t be watching the Georgia Bulldogs play football. I, for one, will probably be dipping my toes into Demon’s Souls on the PS5... which is going to go about as well for me as last Saturday. Macondawg will bring you additional comment threads as needed. Until later...