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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites

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University Of Georgia Bulldogs Football
Just imagine Matthew Stafford behind our Offensive Line.

Good Morning Bulldog Nation! Welcome to Tuesday!

Frankly, I don’t want to talk about last week so let’s just look forward shall we?

The big question of the moment is who is and isn’t healthy and of those who aren’t, when will they be healthy? Kirby Smart updated the injury status for 7 Bulldogs in the Monday press conference.

Given the status of Bennett the next question is who’s up? Spoiler Alert: We don’t know.

Here’s the plan for this coming weekend from the Head Bulldog. In other news, we’re a 12 point favorite.

Some entertaining news out of Polk County that has no relation to Georgia Football at all but still made me laugh and then explain why to my sweet husband.

You know what’s not worrisome for Georgia Football? Recruiting.

Y’all mind your manners, and play pretty…

Until next time….