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Rating the three keys

NCAA Football: Georgia at Kentucky Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Run, run and run

Between the backs Georgia would trot out, finding success on the ground was little problem over the first few games, for the most part. That obviously changed against Alabama, and Georgia will need to get back to that against Kentucky and break the will of Kentucky, both physically and mentally. If Georgia takes over in the offensive trenches early on, it’ll demoralize the Wildcats.

In typical Georgia fashion - last week, Todd Monken got lambasted for not running the ball enough. This week, if you scan internet forums and social media, the Dawgs apparently ran it too much. Zamir White piled up the yards, rushing for a career-high 136 yards. Georgia rushed for 215 yards as a team, enough to beat Kentucky. But if a passing game can only manage 9-of-14 for interceptions and 131 yards, there’ll need to be a lot more production a week from now.

The fact is that Kentucky cannot stop the run, and Georgia knew it and had a gameplan to reflect it. It worked against this team. It may not going forward. Bud Kilmer’s plan against Gilroy only goes so far.

Stop the run

Kentucky has been a parade of offensive futility this season, and Georgia’s front seven needs to ensure that continues. If not, UK will have an idea as the game goes on that it has a chance to pull an upset.

Georgia’s defense needed a game like Saturday. Even with injuries piling up, the Dawgs still allowed 229 yards, including adjusting to a lot of the zone reads that UK was using to throw Georgia off.

Sprint to the end

As much as fans want to look ahead to the WLOCP. this game is first up. Momentum going into that game is everything, and Georgia does not need to just win in Lexington, it needs to play well in doing so and not sleepwalk its way around

Going into a game that’ll more or less determine a trip to Atlanta, Georgia could not have had a more lifeless victory. Sure, the defense, despite injuries, pitched another strong performance, but if this offense needed more momentum than two scoring drives. This team has problems, and Georgia’s coaching staff has to fix them in a matter of days. If you think that the Kirby Smart and Richt hot takes are bad now, just wait until Georgia loses to Florida with an offense that in the month of November can’t find its way.

Then again, in 2012, Georgia also had a less than thrilling win against Kentucky. A week later, Georgia beat No. 2 Florida.

Go Dawgs!