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The Friday Tailgate

Florida v Georgia Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

No tailgating? No problem.

This is the Friday Tailgate, your safely distanced virtual gathering spot for pre-kickoff hijinks. Maestro, the music:

While we wait for the ‘‘Dawgs to take on the Vols, let’s play a round of everyone’s favorite game (that isn’t Jeopardy or Battleship). Ladies and gentlemen, over or under:

Stetson Bennett will throw 0.9 interceptions.

Jarrett Guarantano will throw 0.9 interceptions.

George Pickens will snag 4.9 receptions.

Zamir White will have 99.9 yards rushing.

The Tennessee offense will churn out 159.9 yards of rushing offense.

The Georgia offense will produce 229.9 yards of passing offense.

Georgia will block 0.9 kicks.

Jack “Hot Pod” Podlesny will kick 1.9 field goals.

Kevin Mays will leave Sanford Stadium with 9.0 fingers.

Tennessee will score 13.9 points.

This is also the place for those of you who choose to watch Georgia Tech take on Louisville in this week’s showcase Friday night game to explain why you’re choosing to do that. Wrong answers only. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!