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Wednesday Dawg Bites isn’t getting blamed by Rovell

Auburn v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Say the word ‘Cade Mays,” and you’ll find a lot of hard feelings among Georgia fans.

Ask the players on Georgia’s roster? The opposite is true.

Speaking on former student-athletes, one ex-Diamond Dawg, Adam Sasser is suing the UGAAA.

It includes this astute analysis from Greg McGarity:

“This is the first I’ve heard of it, but it’s not a shocker,” McGarity said. “Anybody can sue anybody for anything.”

What’s the view like from the Tennessee foothills? For one, they feel that their time to get a signature win has arrived. A lot of discounting is out there of UT’s lack of quality opponents on its string of wins. It cannot be disputed that the Vols have momentum from beating some pretty bad teams.

But that has also given them confidence, and a confident team is a dangerous one.

As for Georgia’s defense? It wants to get after the QB even more.

Looking back to 2003, when Sean Jones did a magic trick and made Tennessee’s crowd noise disappear.

A year later, by the way, was a Georgia Tennessee game we’d all rather forget. Looking back, the lack of urgency around campus the morning of the game, a week after the LSU win gave me an odd Munson-like bad feeling. Georgia’s sluggish start ended up making that a reality.

Could the same happen Saturday, a week after a big win last week? UT hopes so.

Speaking of’s Isbell’s classic reflection of the TVA

Go Dawgs!