Stupid reach by Newton Co Coach

I saw this quote on 247 about Nyland Green's decision of schools and how this week's UGA-Tenn game factors into that:

"I would say it’s bigger for Tennessee," Skelton said. "Obviously (Nyland) he’s been to both as far as games, he’s equal relationship wise with both staffs, but obviously Tennessee having the momentum they’ve had in the second half of last season and winning the number of games in a row they have, it’s probably more pressure for them and Nyland wants to see how they respond to a team like Georgia coming off a big win against Missouri. It’s going to be bigger for Tennessee than Georgia."

Ok, I get it Tennessee has won 8 games in a row. But during that same run, UGA went 8-1 (not including a win the week before Tennessee's streak started). During that time Tennessee beat: South Carolina (2x), UAB, Kentucky, Missouri (2x), Vandy and Indiana. I think UAB went to a bowl game and Kentucky and Indiana did, but pretty sure none of those other wins are against bowl teams.

Georgia's wins in their 8 game streak are: Kentucky, Florida, Missouri, Auburn (2x), Texas A&M, GT, Baylor and Arkansas. Their only loss... to the eventual CFP champ. That's a much stronger schedule with the same amount of wins.

I do agree that Tennessee has more to gain from a win, but let's be honest, even as Tennessee is getting better, Georgia has shown to be the better team and a team with just as much potential as Tennessee.

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