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Tee Shirt Alert: A Special Delivery For Bulldog Fans

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USPS Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Stetson Bennett is now, in the words of Kirby Smart, “the guy” at quarterback for the Bulldogs as they fight forward through a slate of SEC football games. What can you say about a guy who entered fall camp somewhere between third and fifth on the depth chart and has now completed 65% of his passes and not thrown an interception? I don’t want us to get ahead of ourselves here. But if Georgia continues to play well on the offensive line, and the Mailman continues to grow into the position, he may yet deliver a great season of football.

People have begun to notice.

That includes our friends at BreakingTs, who have developed this little number.

For my money it’s hard to beat a good weathered gray teeshirt for throwing on to watch football, run some errands, or just do absolutely nothing. The retro logo also makes it seem as if The Mailman might be a classic TV superhero who delivers jury summonses and postcards by day while fighting crime and/or hitting George Pickens down the sideline for six by night.

You can pick yours up over at the BreakingTs site.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!