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Georgia/Auburn First Quarter Thread

Auburn v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The drama surrounding this evening’s 125th matchup between Georgia and Auburn continues to center to a disproportionate extent on who will take snaps for the Red and Black offense. Everyone close to the Bulldog program seems to think it’s Stetson Bennett. A bunch of national media folks (including the ones who design the TV graphics) seem to think it will be JT Daniels.

As a general rule I believe the local beat writers. You may recall that when Mark Fox was shown the door some national pundits thought Georgia’s basketball team would next be coached by Rick Pitino. So I’d be surprised if the Mailman doesn’t trot out from the sideline.

But I also would be a bit surprised if we don’t see Daniels at some point this evening now that he’s been cleared. And ultimately, it’s how the Georgia defense responds to the pressure of putting this team on its back that interests me above all else. I have a hard time seeing the Bulldogs losing this one if they can get to 27 points. But can they? And if they can’t, what happens to a tired UGA defense late? We’ll find out shortly.

Let’s play some SEC football Between the Hedges!

It’s Saturday in Athens! Go ‘Dawgs!!!