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Cocktail Thursday: Kentucky Edition

old fashioned

Are your Georgia Bulldogs taking the field coming off a sound thrashing followed by an unanticipated bye week?

Are you worried about a little rust, maybe another three interception effort?

Then you could probably use a drink. I can help with that.

As DawgOutWest pointed out this afternoon, the good news for the Bulldog offense coming off that humbling loss to the Crimson Tide is that Todd Monken has managed to scheme some receivers open. It doesn’t hurt that the Red and Black also have some legitimate emerging playmakers at receiver with the ability to get open.

The bad news is that Stetson Bennett hasn’t always done a great job recognizing them. That was especially true against Alabama when it looked like Bennett was trying to bring the ‘Dawgs back from a small deficit by picking up huge chunks of yardage, missing wide open check downs in favor or double coverage downfield.

Regrettably, Stet just isn’t going to get any taller, so the odds of him seeing the field any better next week than he did two weeks ago aren’t great. And his arm strength is going to be what it is now for the foreseeable future as well.

These limitations pose a challenge Todd Monken wouldn’t have faced with Jamie Newman. But Newman’s not walking through that door. And Bennett had shown enough prior to the Trouble in Tuscaloosa (tm) to make clear that he can do some great things.

But it’s up to Todd Monken to coach him up, up to Bennett to internalize that, and up to Kirby Smart to stay out of the way and allow it to happen. Georgia doesn’t need to score 50 points against Kentucky. Georgia does need to lay the foundation for an offense that can put up enough points to beat Florida in two weeks.

Georgia doesn’t need an offensive explosion.

It needs just a little offensive punch.

There’s a recipe for that. You’ll need:

16 oz. cranberry juice

12 oz. pineapple juice

8 oz. orange juice

8 oz. lime juice

12 oz. Bourbon (Take your pick of brands. Kentucky is bourbon country, after all.)

24 oz. ginger ale

Directions: It’s pretty simple. Combine everything except the ginger ale. Just before serving stir in chilled ginger ale. Enjoy.

Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!