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Wednesday Dawg Bites: A Midweek Tradition Unlike Any Other

Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

By design, Kirby Smart plays cards very close to the vest about the quarterback position. From day one, even when it was clear on paper that Jacob Eason was going to be the No. 1 eventually, that was not indicated until that job was actually earned.

There were even some bits of chatter that Jake Fromm’s own family had been asked by Smart not too speak in public about who was getting more time under center. Kirby Smart likes controlled the message, the QB position included. Until things become a trainwreck to force a difference in that thinking, look for it to continue. In other words, the position, like all others, is always being evaluated, even if nobody in the public knows how it is done.

How healthy is JT Daniels? Is Dwan Mathis ok mentally? How is Stetson Bennett progressing? And what of Carson Beck. Nobody knows - and that is by design. It’s a plan that is working...for now.

2020 isn’t all bad. It’ll bring us College Gameday from a place that gives us A Tradition Unlike Any Other - Augusta National. If the result is Desmond and Lee Corso arguining over pimento cheese sandwiches, it’ll be worth all of the logistics long as Patrick Reed is not the celebrity guest picker.

The timing of the off week was good for Georgia injury-wise. From the looks of things, it has given Kenny McIntosh, Monty Rice, Matt Landers and Owen Condon time to heal up.

Georgia did not rush it well against Bama - if fairness, few teams do. The Dawgs will look to get well in that area against Kentucky.

The Wildcats are not among the best offensively. Don’t expect to hear about it from a Georgia defense eager for redemption.

1978. Georgia at Kentucky.....”he kicked the watchamacallit out of it!”

One of our Dawgsports brethren will likely be along with more insight...but stay safe in you are near the gulf and inland as Hurricane Zeta bears down.

Anyway, let’s all go down to Dumas Walker

Go Dawgs!