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The Battle Hymnal: Second Half Preview

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Graham, Nathan and Josh sat down to discuss what the rest of the season might look like for the Georgia Bulldogs. The discussion was sparked by Kirby Smart’s recent quote saying, “I don’t wanna be in a boat race.” From there the guys went a lot of places.

On this episode of The Battle Hymnal...

  • What’s working. What’s not?
  • What is the ceiling of this team with Stetson Bennett?
  • What does Georgia have to do to protect him?
  • James Coley ain’t walking through that door
  • Even a conservative Monken game plan will look aggressive in comparison to 2019 standards.
  • Could a healthy Arian Smith totally change this offense?
  • Receivers are open everywhere. Can SBIV get it done? Or is a change in order if UGA hopes to make the playoffs?
  • People who want Kirby fired are really dumb!
  • How much better can this team get?
  • Lost in all of the post-Bama negativity is the fact that Georgia is an elite program with an elite team.
  • Let’s not take beating the hell out of the Tennessee’s and Auburn’s of the World for granted.

If there are any topics you would like to see covered in future episodes please let us know in the comments below or through a tweet.

Y’all enjoy, and please follow us on Twitter @TheBattleHymnal