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Cocktail Thursday: A Most Unexpected Bye Week Edition

If your college football team was going to be playing a conference road game this weekend but now finds itself sitting at home thanks to the vicissitudes of a global pandemic, and one of its historic rival’s inability to manage same, you could probably use a drink. Allow me to help.

This was obviously supposed to be the Kentucky Wildcats Edition of this particular feature. But you know what they say: Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans and the SEC is busy trying to shut Dan Mullen up. So here we are.

The Bulldogs find themselves 3-1 after the opening four game stretch which many of us pinpointed at the beginning of the year as the hardest of the season. It’s tempting to focus on the one loss, but I’d resist the temptation if I were you.

I think most of us probably would’ve been fairly pleased to have wins over every one of those opponents except Alabama on October 22nd given the shambolic nature of our quarterback depth chart on September 22nd.

There is still a great deal of important football to be played, but this weekend feels like a chance for a little bit of a breather. To that end, I don’t want you to complicate your drink choice too much and I do not intend to do so myself. Instead I’m going with one of my favorite locally produced beers.

The Macon Love cherry rye from Macon Beer Company.

Originally brewed as a limited edition to celebrate the city’s annual spring Cherry Blossom Festival, it’s now available year round in this part of the world. The rye base gives it a good backbone, but the cherries included in the process give it a nice tart punch as well. It is a most unexpected rye, for a most unexpected bye. Give it a shot if your local purveyor of spirits happens to stock it.

Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!